Caci Quantum

Using specific facial techniques in conjunction of slimming and toning applications, The Caci Quantum works to restore and redefine muscles, reducing lines and wrinkles while simultaneously tightening and toning sagging body muscles.
The Caci Quantum is the most advanced face and body treatment system available and features specific programmes for slimming, contouring, cellulite, lymphatic drainage, face lifting and wrinkles, so whatever is your treatment area of concern the Caci Quantum has a solution.

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30 minute session £34.80

60 minute session £56.40

Course of 6 treatments £282

Course of 12 treatments £564


This 15 minute treatment specifically targets muscle laxity around the jawline. The Jowl Life will lift and firm the muscles and redefine facial contours to give a firmer more toned appearance. For best results we recommend 10 treatments over a period of 5 weeks. Once the course is completed the results can be maintained with monthly sessions. This treatment can be performed on its own or as an add on to a facial or CACI.

15min Jowl Lift £30
Course x10 £240